Do you write online? Are you concerned about your spelling and grammar? Don’t write another word until you get the best free grammar check tool, Grammarly. And yep, I said free!

Without revealing my age, I went to school when everything had to be written on paper with a pen. GASP! I know. And I handed in my paper…typed on a typewriter. Shocking! I have to admit, I am happy those days are gone and we live in a digital world. The one thing I cannot escape is my “sometimes” bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Finding Grammarly a free grammar check tool, has made life a lot easier and it has definitely improved my writing skills.

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If you are writing an email, preparing a school paper, composing a blog post, or any form of writing online, it makes you look good if you write using good basic English grammar. You want to come across as being professional. Using a grammar checker and corrector is a  must. Welcome to the latest post of my Better Blogging Tips series.

What is Grammarly and How to use Grammarly?

In a nutshell, Grammarly is a free online grammar checker. The free version can find and correct over 250 types of grammatical mistakes. It is also an online punctuation checker and offers free spell check. It works only for English but you can specify America, British, Candian or Australian conventions.

Using Grammarly is very simple. Wherever you have it installed – more on that below – when the tool detects a mistake the word will be underlined with a red line. Just simply hover your mouse over the word and choose from the suggested corrections. It is that easy!

Grammarly will check for basic spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I often write so fast I have 2 words stuck together. This free grammar check add-on is smart enough to recognize them and suggests to separate them. You can also choose to ignore the suggested correction if you like or change it manually. It’s really simply the best grammar checker online.

Grammarly for Bloggers and Influencers

It is especially important for bloggers to do a spelling and grammar check on blog posts AND on all social media posts because poor writing and spelling mistakes will lower your SEO score. Google rewards attention to detail. Did you know that?

I would not be able to blog without this online grammar check and English spell-check tool anymore. Wow, I thought I knew how to write but not as well as I assumed. Using Grammarly teaches you a lot about how you write.

I DARE YOU to do something right now. After you get Grammarly, go check a few old blog posts that are already published. I bet you will be shocked to see all the mistakes you have out there live! So not a bad idea to revisit your more popular posts and do a little online spell check.

And here is awesome news: once you download the Grammarly Chrome extension, it will correct grammar online on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. It’s very handy.

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Where Else Can You Use Grammarly?

The answer is just about everywhere! You can use Grammarly for:

  • writing online on any site, just add Grammarly to Chrome, Safari or Firefox as an extension.
  • gmail, once the extension is installed, voilà.
  • Word, install the MS Office add-in.
  • on Mac or Windows, just install the native app.
  • google docs, this is now in Beta. Download the extension, click the Grammarly icon in the top bar and sign up for a free Grammarly account.
  • on a mobile device, check your app store.

It’s the Best Free Grammar Check Tool, Period!

If you need to correct your English grammar online or require a punctuation checker and corrector, look no further. You get all of this for free! I always check my writing before sending anything out now. Plus you will become a better writer.

I soon realized I like to start sentences with the word “well” a lot. Like, a lot. Well, I did not know that a sentence starting with “well” should always be followed with a comma! Well, did you know that? All these little personal writing styles will pop out. Now that I am aware of these patterns, it has helped me improve my writing even more.

Need more? Check out Grammarly Premium

The free tool is good for the average person but there are times when you need a heftier online spelling and grammar check. This is where the Premium option comes into play.

Who could benefit from Grammarly Premium? For higher education, Grammarly for students is a must when you need to write huge papers or a thesis. Those projects need a great grammar and sentence checker.

In the workplace Grammarly Premium is essential. Should you be an employee, a business owner, a work at home person, a virtual assistant, a writer. Using this grammar mistakes checker will make your work and emails look professional and be taken more seriously.

And finally, content writers and bloggers will love the Grammarly plagiarism checker. The plagiarism detector will check your content against more than 16 billion web pages. How cool is that?

What does Premium Grammarly Get You?

  • +400 types of grammatical mistakes checked
  • Advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • The plagiarism detector
  • Get explanations of grammar rules.

There is a monthly, quarterly or annual plan available. If you want the Premium version I highly recommend you get the annual plan as it is a savings of about 60%. That is amazing.

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…to instantly proofread your texts and correct grammar and punctuation.


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