You have spent hours perfecting or updating an article and you are ready to share it with the world. Pinterest can ramp up your traffic but do you know how pin effectively? Find out how below.

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Pinterest recently published its new best practices and it shook the blogger and online business community for a bit. All that time you spent planning your old pins and they may not be as effective as before?

The answer is a knee jerk reaction, Yes but when you really think about it, No you did not waste your time. You can move forward creating amazing pins and update past article pins. Let’s take a look at how to go about it below.

How to create pins using Pinterest’s Best Practices

Turns out the changes are not as scary as you may think. And if you already have in place a solid SEO strategy, the best practices should already be an extension of your SEO checklist.

The new best practices can be summed up into two words: fresh ccontent.

Creating fresh, high-quality pins on Pinterest should be your goal. What do I mean by fresh? Not repin an existing pin, but rather creating a new one, one that has not been shared to Pinterest before.

It goes without saying all of your new content to come on your website will include a new pin. e are talking about new blog posts, new pages, new product listings.

But what about your old content? If you have a lot of older content, the SEO rule is updated once a year the post that already gets a good amount of traffic. As you update every post, take the time to create a new pin and add it to your site.

Aim to design attractive pins that will entice the audience with a great CTA. They should scram CLICK ME. One great free tool to create beautiful pins in

Once you have updated your article with new fresh pins, you can save time by batch scheduling those pins with Tailwind.

Can you really ramp up your traffic with Pinterest?

The answer is a resounding YES! I upped my Pinterest game two years ago and now my pins and now my biggest social media referral account is Pinterest by far.

The step to my success was when I discovered a tool that became the secret to my Pinterest growth. Tailwind is the best online tool to manage how your pins are published and shared by others.

Pinterest is all about adding your pins for traffic but just as important is pinning back excellent posts on your boards or group boards. Tailwind lets you schedule your pins and other pins, ideally about up to 20 a day. Just add the Tailwind Chrome extension and you can pin any photo you see.

Plus you can join like-minded tribes full of bloggers that share your interest. Upload your new pins there for others to share and in exchange, you pinning other members pins back.

Tailwind will be a game-changer for you and it will save you hours of work that you are putting in now. Plus Tailwind also allows you to manage your Instagram account.

Try Tailwind for Free – Get 100 pins and 30 Instagram posts

NOT 14 or 30 days

Each social account costs $15 per month.  But if you get the annual plan, it comes out too $9.99 per month on the annual plan or $119 per year. A small investment. On top of your free monthly allowance, you can purchase through PowerUps additional SmartLoop and Tribes functionality.

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How to Use Pinterest's New Practices

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