Think blogging is just a hobby? This is an open letter to non-bloggers with an eye-opening look into all the skills and knowledge required to be a successful blogger.

I recently celebrated my other website’s 13th anniversary. Honestly, that just blows my mind. It has been my little space on the internet that I call home for a long time. I am forever grateful to all my readers. But it’s time for an open letter to non-bloggers.

CulturEatz started off as a hobby to chronicle dinner outing with friends. Later, I started posting recipes with a big emphasis on international cuisine. Since late 2017 I started including travel guides as well – traveling is a passion of mine.

And now I am on a new adventure with this site where I write articles on how to blog better, online marketing, SEO, and social media. With so many years of experience on these topics, I now offer all these services and more.

Today I put a lot more effort into my article than say 3 years ago even. At the time, I had a full-time job and also my CulturEatz YouTube channel, I put what time I have to make my blog more profitable while keeping it entertaining and educational. It’s not easy, but it is a great challenge.

The CulturEatz blog has had ups and downs, it has changed names, it has explored new topics, it has been a hobby at times and now it is on it’s way to being much more.

A blog’s success is also not measured on the income it makes or the monthly impressions you get. Everyone has their own personal goals, big or small. If you achieve your blog goals, then you are a successful blogger.

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Open Letter to Non-Bloggers: it’s all about the skills

So here is my beef. Occasionally, after meeting somebody for the first time, I am asked what I do in my free time. I usually answer listen to music, watch a little (way too much) TV, read, taking walks, as well as blogging and making videos.

And sometimes they have the nerve to answer: is that all, you don’t do anything else? WHAT? Do you have even any remote idea of what is involved in having a blog and a Youtube channel? Creators got skills, dude!

Here is my recipe of all the expertise you need to be a blogger or videographer:

Blogging skills

  • Come up with new content and ideas, all the time
  • Research your topic and experiment, sample a product or service for reviews
  • For projects: do you a recipe to cook, a craft to make, build the subject?
  • Learn photography, example travel photos or food photography
  • Photo editing
  • Keyword research if you really want a good Google ranking
  • Writing composition: you have to write the article
  • Social media and marketing
  • Networking with peers

Video production skills

  • Come up with new content and ideas, all the time
  • Build a story around your topic
  • Learn how to film and produce your footage
  • Video editing
  • Keyword research and tag research for YouTube ranking
  • Writing composition: you have to write a few paragraphs about your video for the description
  • Social media and marketing
  • Networking with peers

I have learned so much: how to use specific software, improve my writing and cooking, photography, video, develop communication skills, self-promotion, and slowly master more business acumen.

I hope you enjoyed this open letter to non-bloggers. It is something I have wanted to write for a very long time. Blogging and video production have fulfilled my creative needs in ways I had never imagined.

The truth is blogging is all about perpetual self-improvement.

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